The Benefits Of SEO

By Lauren Benham on October 3rd, 2019

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The Benefits Of SEO And What We Learnt From Brighton SEO

Whether your company is an established business or a recent start up, it’s essential to understand the benefits of SEO for your websites.

SEO helps the owners of businesses to attract more customers and create more conversions. It’s all about making a website fast, responsive and user-friendly while at the same time ensuring that it is ranked highly by search engines. SEO also helps to build awareness of your brand: customers are far more likely to trust a company appearing on the first page of Google results than those further down the ranking.

Building a robust web presence is key to bypassing the competition, gaining more customers and forging ahead with your business. At Vooba, we know the importance of keeping abreast of the latest developments in SEO and so we sent our team to one of the world’s largest marketing events, Brighton SEO, which was held on Friday 13th September. Here they heard talks by some of the world's leading marketers and were able to learn a lot about the latest news and developments in the industry.

Why is SEO important for business?

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, so we’ve highlighted the key benefits that are currently making SEO such an awesome marketing tool for building your brand.

SEO creates user-friendly websites

While many business owners still think of SEO as being all about optimising their website for better search engine rankings, today’s on-page SEO is also concerned with ensuring that browsing your website is a user-friendly experience.

A well designed, uncluttered website that loads quickly encourages visitors to stay longer, increasing page views and decreasing the bounce rate. You should keep your viewers happy with high-quality content, including blog articles and product pages that offer relevant information.

By providing the answers to your customers’ questions, you're helping to find exactly what they’re looking for. If done correctly, SEO makes visiting your website a smooth, pleasant experience; it keeps search engines happy too as they love delivering premium quality information.

SEO builds brand awareness

One of the key advantages of gaining higher rankings on SERPS is building awareness of your brand. The higher your ranking, the more trustworthy your company is perceived to be. When potential customers are searching for a specific term, they are more likely to trust your brand if your websites appear on the first page of search results rather than other businesses that don’t maintain a strong online presence.

The easiest way for small business to improve brand awareness is to use SEO wisely and optimise their websites to gain high rankings for the key business-related terms customers search for.

Getting ahead of the competition

Your business is up against competition from many others in the same sector so it's essential to try and make your business stand out from the crowd. The secret to getting ahead of competitors is SEO. If you're selling the same products at the same prices but you have a website optimised for search engines while your rival doesn’t, you will be attracting more customers and your business will grow faster.

SEO is cost-effective and provides quality traffic

Search traffic consists of people who are already interested in and are actively searching for the goods or services you provide. Rather than you having to “push” people to buy with a conventional advertising campaign, SEO is “pulling” in traffic to your company. SEO traffic also has far higher conversion rates. The inbound nature of SEO means that it is far more cost-effective than outbound marketing strategies such as cold calling. While cold calling is still seen as an effective marketing technique, the leads it generates can be over 60% more costly than the high quality leads generated by SEO.


SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results so you can calculate your ROI accurately. At Vooba, we can track almost all aspects of the SEO strategy, including traffic, rankings and conversions. Analytical tools provide detailed demographic information allowing you to identify who has been interacting with your website. For e-commerce sites, we can track the pathway customers have taken before completing a sale while for non-e-commerce websites, values can be attributed to lead conversions, such as the filling out of a contact form, and the ROI of your SEO strategy can be calculated in this way.

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