Creating A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

By Zara Rowden on Feb 7th, 2022

Planning A New Campaign For Your New Business Strategy

There are multiple social media channels out there to choose from and that extensive list of platforms is growing on a daily basis. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to make a new approach if your business has a product to advertise or a new strategy to form. If you are already established on social media with an audience that is growing every day, it can be tricky to decide on how to push your new campaign successfully. When starting a brand new business a lot of focus is on building towards your target demographic, but how do you maintain that focus after your audience is established? How do you start planning a new social media strategy if you are already active on multiple platforms? We’ve put together our top tips on planning a successful social media marketing campaign.

Target Your Audience

Your content should always be aimed at your target audience. When first taking to social media, it’s important to establish that demographic, but now you have to actively target it with every post. Remember the age and gender of your audience when choosing which platforms to target the most; older users are drawn to Twitter and Reddit, with younger users being drawn to more visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. You are often able to get better results when focusing on specific platforms for specific campaigns. You may already have an idea of your audience’s favourite social media platforms where you target your campaign can depend on the type of service you are offering and whether you would like to outreach further afield.

Running A Campaign With A Data Driven Strategy

When running a new successful new social media campaign, you must continue to strategize and plan in advance. This is why your strategy needs to be based on your previously successful content and needs to be data driven. Revisiting old content and seeing what worked for you previously is the best step to succeeding again in the future. Based on the success of your previous content and strategies, you can then clearly define your future goals and come up with a plan. If your business previously launched a product that gained a high volume of website traffic, think about the platforms you used to advertise this product and the ways you reached your audience.

Defining Your Goals

Defining the goals for your new social media marketing campaign helps your business stay on track. If you are aiming to promote a product of yours, think about what goal you want to achieve from promoting it. Do you want to increase sales of the product, acquire new customers or increase brand awareness? Every campaign should have an end goal, no matter what you are promoting, whether it’s to gain more website traffic, followers or increase sales.

Achieving Your Goals

Staying on top of your goals and monitoring the data is the best way to gain success from your marketing strategy. Monitor which channels your audience are engaging with the most and then continue to hit those the hardest with regular content. To gain more website traffic, always link to your website with every social media post that you publish. To gain followers, throw competitions on your social media with conditions that require following your page, sharing your work and tagging friends in the post. The ways you achieve your goals will solely depend on what they are.

Watch Your Competitors

Never underestimate staying up to date with the latest trends and what your competitors are doing. Use their work as inspiration and keep an eye on what’s working for their business, as something similar could easily work for you. Monitor the social media networks they’re using, the type of content they share and how frequently they post. Whether this is something you are already doing or not, it’s best to keep your competitors in the back of your mind always.

Continuously Monitor Your Social Media Analytics

Monitor your engagement through your social media marketing campaign with the use of social media analytics. Facebook uses Insights, an analytics tool for businesses, but it doesn’t stop there. You are able to monitor your interactions on Twitter and see how wide of an audience you have reached on a post. Instagram also monitors your engagement if you have a business account. Once you are aware of what your KPIs (key performance indicators) are, you can easily use the above social analytics tools, and many more, to track the success of your campaign and business.

Customer Reviews and Customer Service

If you gained a good review of your business or product, advertise this on your social media. When potential customers are scrolling through your socials, they may often be more drawn to your product if you’ve openly posted some positive reviews. When debating purchasing a product, these potential customers are likely to be seeking input from reviews and other customers. If you slap the reviews ready to go on your social media, it eliminates time for the customer to doubt your product; they already know it’s got good reviews. On top of this, having someone respond quickly to any direct messages sent to your social media shows your business is focused on being a hassle-free and convenient experience, as the majority of people would now prefer to use social media than pick up the phone. Facebook Business now also has an analytics tool that shows how quickly your page responds to any queries, and a quick response is going to leave a good impression.

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