Do I Need a New Website?

By Chrissie Josslin on 3rd of December 2023

Recognising the Telltale Signs and Navigating Your Next Steps

As a business owner, boosting sales is a top priority. In today's ever-evolving world of web design, your online presence cannot remain stagnant. Just as your sales team continually refines their approach, your website should undergo continuous improvements to authentically represent your brand.

In this blog, we’ll assist you in answering the complex question: “Do I need a new website?”. We’ll guide you through some of the top signs you need a new website and offer expert advice on the next steps.

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5 Telltale Signs You Need a New Website

1. Your Site Looks Outdated
If your site is starting to look outdated or less appealing than it used to be, that’s a clear sign that it might need updating. Your website needs to be eye-catching to engage your audience and encourage customer retention, so investing in a timeless design is crucial.

2. Your Site Doesn’t Reflect Your Current Branding
Having a website that promotes different messaging to your wider business can be confusing to your audience. When it comes to branding, consistency is key. If you lack confidence in your current branding or have a major rebranding on the horizon, building a new site can help ensure seamless continuity.

3. You Think Your Competitors Are Doing a Better Job
One of the easiest ways to determine whether you need a new website is by analysing your competitor’s online presence. If you find that your peers' websites are more effective at showcasing their services compared to yours, now is the opportune time to embark on a website upgrade.

4. Your Site is Slow
Site speed can affect your website’s performance, user satisfaction and Google rankings drastically. In a fast-paced digital landscape where users seek instant results, a slow-loading website can encourage users to go elsewhere.

5. Conversion Rates Are Dropping -
One of the most important KPIs for your website is the conversion rate. Take the time to analyse how many visits to your website are turning into leads, sales or sign-ups. If your conversion rate is falling, that’s a telltale sign that your website performance is dropping too.

What’s New in Web Design?

The recent groundbreaking advancements in AI have significantly influenced the most current web design trends. Staying updated with the latest web design innovations not only enhances your website's responsiveness, but also signals to your customers that your business is attuned to the most recent industry developments.

Some of the latest web design trends include:

— White Space
With an increased number of users seeking a streamlined, app-like web experience, utilising white space around your design elements is becoming increasingly important. Not only can this help to guide customer focus, but it can also make your site more responsive and create a better navigation experience.

— Large Typography
Looking for an aesthetic way to communicate key facts and figures on your site? Oversized typography transforms content into a captivating visual tool. Maintain a high colour contrast and keep your background minimal to ensure your message stands out without becoming overwhelming.

— Horizontal Scrolling
If you’re looking to share a vast amount of visual content with users, implementing horizontal scrolling can enable users to seamlessly scroll through a large gallery of images.

I Need a New Website - Now What?

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a new website - now what? Below, we compiled a list of things to consider in the initial stages of designing your new website, from determining the user journey to crafting an effective call to action (CTA).

— Your Users
If you don’t have the budget to conduct deep user testing, don’t panic - you can still collect data about your audience through dedicated email surveys and questionnaires. This will help you gain a better understanding of how your design choices can benefit your users.

— Content
Evaluate the relevance of your existing web content and determine what requires revision. Throughout this process, be sure to look at everything from your audience’s perspective. If you conclude that new content is required, consider whether to engage a professional copywriter for their expertise, or undertake the task yourself.

At Vooba, our team of professional content writers are ready and waiting to assist you in creating compelling SEO-focused website copy that stands out from the crowd. To find out more about our website content writing services, please get in touch.

— Your Competitors
Compile a list of your top five competitors and examine them one at a time. Step into the shoes of your ideal customer persona and trace their user journey. Determine how accessible the content is and highlight any points that made you feel frustrated. This will help you narrow down your list of essential features for your new site.

— SEO For a New Website
Ensuring your website brief is written from an SEO perspective will ensure your website is built in a Google-friendly way. When you partner with a reputable web design agency, they’ll ensure your site is built with SEO best practices in mind.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, at Vooba, we’re committed to offering fully bespoke packages that are designed to meet your requirements. We’ll ensure the transition from your old site to the new one is seamless, carrying out full migrations when needed to ensure you keep your existing organic rankings. To find out more, please get in touch.

— Your CTA
Ensure your CTA is the focal point of your user journey. Whether it’s ‘get in touch’, ‘book a survey’ or ‘sign up to our newsletter’, your CTA should be clear and concise, making it easy for customers to take action.

Need a New Website? Bring Your Vision to Life With Vooba

Recognising that it's the perfect moment to invest in a new website marks the first step towards elevating your business. Our web design experts are committed to ensuring every website we build follows a clear site structure that encourages users to interact with your business. From initial discussions to the final launch, we’ll be with you every step of the way, providing unrivalled advice and guidance that is sure to deliver results.

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