Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

By Zara Rowden on Mar 3rd, 2022

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Repurposing Your Evergreen Content

Repurposing old content can be beneficial to your business. It can help you reach a wider audience and reinforce your desired message. When trying to decide what content is worth repurposing, you’ll need to pick out your evergreen content. You may be surprised how much of your content is evergreen and can be repurposed. At Vooba, our team is experienced at finding ways to refresh content. We’ve put together this guide on repurposing your evergreen content and how to make the most out of your existing content.

What Is Repurposing Content?

Repurposing content is the art of reusing or ‘recycling’ old copy. You can add new information to get it up to date and keep it relevant. Every time you write a post, you have a key target audience in mind, but this can change as your business grows. Over time, your previous content won’t have the same SEO reach as it did, which is where repurposing comes in. By repurposing your old content, it can give your work an SEO boost and bring more traffic to your website.

Repurposing content comes in many forms. You can repurpose content on different platforms. You may have a blog that would work better as a social media post or a video that could be expanded into a podcast. Either way, you’re expanding the old content’s reach by updating and reusing it. To learn more about how Vooba can help with your content, click here.

What Is Evergreen Content & Why Is It Important?

Evergreen content is important because it’s content that doesn’t go out of date. It stays continually relevant and fresh to its readers. You can find your evergreen content by simply searching through your archive and thinking about what is still relevant and what could still bring traffic to your website or platform today. You may need to update a few key facts or details but if overall the key message is still relevant then, by all means, use it. If the content is completely outdated and there’s no way to expand on it or reuse it, it would not be evergreen.

Evergreen content is perfect for repurposing because it is timeless content and will still add value to your website at a later date. You may need to update some statistics so that small details are relevant to today, but overall the content is reusable.

The Benefits Of Repurposing Your Old Content

The beauty of repurposing evergreen content is that it brings in results that can benefit your business. It can save you time and give you inspiration as it means that you don’t have to create every blog, every social media post, or every video, from scratch. Repurposing your old content can help you reach a wider audience. If you want to reach a different demographic, you can target them through repurposing, resulting in reaching more people.

Repurposing your old content can also help boost your SEO, as it can give you more opportunities to target specific keywords and enable you to rank higher on search engines. Repurposing old blogs as a social media post is an opportunity to link through to your website, driving more traffic to your site.

What Content Should I Repurpose?

Although the content you’re repurposing needs to be evergreen, it also should be high performing content. If a previous piece of evergreen content didn’t perform well, it might not be helpful to repurpose it. Look at your highest performing evergreen content and go from there. If an old blog didn’t drive much traffic, perhaps don’t prioritise repurposing this content, even if it is evergreen. It may not be worth it because you may not get the results you want.

Do look at your website's analytics and consider your old content’s performance statistics before you repurpose it. Look at your Google landing page report and see which pages and content bring in the most traffic.

How Should I Repurpose My Evergreen Content?

There are many ways to repurpose your evergreen content and there aren’t many limits. You can repurpose a blog into a video or a video into a podcast. However, there are some things you can do to make sure you repurpose your evergreen content successfully.

  • Research Competitors. If you think the old content you’re repurposing is still relevant today, make sure it is evergreen by researching competitors. See what other businesses are doing and note if people are interacting with their content.
  • Visualise Old Content. Your existing blogs can be turned into videos, pull quotes and other images that may draw someone to your business. Just because something is written content, doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed into visual or audio content. Research from Edgar Dale and the ‘Cone Of Experience’ says that people remember 10% of what they read and 30% of what they see, so it is beneficial to visualise your existing content.
  • Repost Social Media Content. Repurposing social media posts can help you reach different time zones and therefore gain more followers. Reshare the post to reach a wider audience.

Let Us Help You Repurpose Your Old Content.

At Vooba, our highly skilled digital marketing team are experienced at repurposing and know just what to do to ensure you get the most out of your old content. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create timeless content, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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