Why The Functionality Of A Website Is As Important As The Design

By Kimberly Lee on 14th August 2020

Functionality Vs Design

When we think of investing in a new website, most of us envision beautiful designs which showcase our business in a positive light. We look for something which is going to create a bold first impression, wowing visitors and encouraging them to connect with our business. Whilst all of this is important and design is a crucial element when it comes to engaging your audience, the functionality of the website itself is equally as important.

Improved User Experience

If your website looks great, but visitors struggle to use it, then they’re likely to just click off and give up. It’s not often that potential customers will be eager to find alternative ways to contact you - the most likely situation is that they will simply move on to find another business who offers similar products services.

It’s vital that your website works well and offers visitors a seamless experience, allowing them to appreciate the aesthetics of the site and what you have to offer without distractions. Below, we take a look at some of the key things to consider when building your website, which any good website designer will remember to include.

Fast Loading Speeds

Most people have a fairly short attention span these days and when they click onto your website they’re going to expect it to load for them quite quickly. If pages are taking a long time to load, they may even think that they’re broken and will be likely to click off and visit an alternative website.

Making sure that pages, including their text and any images, load quickly before visitors get bored is something which must be taken into consideration. An old, slow website is not going to be highlighting your business in the best way.

Make Purchasing Easy

If your website offers e-commerce functionality it’s important to make sure that users can go through to the checkout without a hitch. We’ve all tried to purchase something on a website filled with hiccups before and know just how much it can deter someone from making that purchase. If you’re already spending your hard-earned cash then you want to do it in a way which is simple and straightforward. If your potential customers find themselves having difficulty adding to their basket or getting through to the checkout, then you’ll find yourself losing out on orders.

Simple Navigation

Whether you have a simplistic six-page website or a large e-commerce store with hundreds of products available, the fact remains the same - it must be simple for your users to navigate the site. A clear menu which is easy to find, with well-labelled pages, will allow users to click through to find the information they require. If you have hidden menus, missing links and broken links, the chances are that most customers will simply leave the site, or mistakenly believe you’re not even able to offer them what you’re looking for.

Mobile Responsiveness

With so many different devices available these days, it’s important to make sure that your website is adaptable and suited to a wide range of screen sizes. We often refer to this as a website being ‘mobile responsive’, although what it really means is that the site can be viewed on any screen. It doesn’t matter how lovely your site looks on a desktop, if it can’t be used properly on a mobile or looks messy and cluttered, you’re likely to lose out on a lot of potential customers. Think of your own search habits - how many times do you look for things on your phone or tablet whilst on the go?

Working With A Professional Website Designer

With so many things to take into consideration, it’s important to entrust the design of your website with somebody you trust. Working with a professional website design agency like Vooba can offer you the peace of mind you need, to ensure you receive a high-quality, fully functioning website which meets all of your requirements.

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