Getting More Reviews For Your Business

By Zara Rowden on 5th October 2021

A Good Review Can Go A Long Way

Showcasing good customer reviews can be a valuable sales tool but a lot of customers don’t go out of their way to leave positive feedback. Typically, it is only when a customer is disappointed with a product or service, will they be more inclined to leave a review. They may perhaps leave a positive review if they feel you’ve gone above and beyond, but for the most part, customers need a push to leave one. A good review can leave an important mark on your business. It can tactically lead to more sales and give a strong shove towards getting the word out about your product. How can we guarantee a good review in a world that likes to complain?

How A Good Review Can Lead To More Business

A good review can lead to more business if reviews are tactically placed on your website or social media. Make reviews a focus point on your homepage. Facebook has an entire section for reviews so that customers automatically know where to look for them; make sure this is clear on your own website too. Consider placing a small review or testimonial on every single page. Too many reviews in one space can seem overbearing but a little one here and there can be encouraging and inspire a customer to leave one of their own. Don’t make it complicated for your customers to leave reviews either, a simple process will encourage more feedback.

The Importance Of Google Business Reviews

A Google review is like no other when it comes to gaining business. When searching for something through Google, one of the first things you want your new potential customer to see is all of your glowing reviews. If you’ve got a low google review rating, it will be the first thing your potential customer sees and could deter them from considering your business. To become eligible for Google reviews and to be seen as a more credible business, ensure you verify your business through Google My Business so that it appears in Google Maps and all other Google services. Once you have done this, you will be eligible to receive Google Business reviews. Having a Google My Business account means you can share your logo, photos and any other information via the search engine. It is the perfect place for your customers to leave their thoughts and feedback.

Driving Traffic

Following Up For Your Customer Review

Following up with customers after their purchase or investment can go strongly in your favour. Not only would this be encouraging your customers to leave a positive review, it could also encourage them to become a returning customer and invest in your product again. If you follow up with your customers recently after they have made a purchase, your product or service will still be fresh in their mind. If they are happy with the product, reminding them to leave a review could be beneficial to getting a positive one. On the other hand, if you do receive a good review, respond to the customer and say thank you. A bit of gratitude will make your business look polite and friendly to work with.

The Power Of Social Media

Never doubt the impact a bad review can have on your business. Although social media has a lot of power over a good review, it’s also a hotspot for bad ones. With the rise of video platforms such as Tik Tok, there isn’t even a need to type out your complaint when you can just rage in front of a camera. Nowadays, people often go above and beyond your complaints department and will tell the story publicly elsewhere, not even giving you a chance to rectify the situation. If you want your customers to leave that important positive review on social media, you have to find a way to make the experience special and unique to them. Your business needs to stand out in a way like no others. Reviews also look better when they are more organic. Try to avoid offering incentives for leaving reviews as this will make them seem biased. Give your customers a positive story to tell and simply encourage your customers to leave them.

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