Google Upgraded GMB profiles

By Kimberly Lee on September 27th, 2020

What Are The Google Upgraded GMB Profiles?

Google is always looking to branch out their services so that businesses and customers can benefit. One of the latest services available is the Google guaranteed monthly certification, which is offered outside of their local service. In order to utilise this feature, customers will be required to pay a monthly fee. You may be wondering about the benefits of this service, what it involves and whether it is worth the money.

Already launched in the USA, this service is set to make an appearance in the UK very soon. As a reliable digital marketing agency, at Vooba we always aim to provide our clients with the latest industry knowledge and insights. Throughout the course of this blog, we will discuss this further, so that you are able to make your own informed decision.

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What Is A Google Guaranteed Monthly Certification?

There are so many scams and instances where customers are dissatisfied with the products or services they have received online. Because of this, many people may find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between companies they can count on and those who will leave them disappointed. This service is a way to provide potential customers and new customers with the peace of mind that your business site is reputable, offering quality services. Once investing in the Google Guaranteed Monthly Certification, your site will appear alongside a “Google Guaranteed badge” which essentially proves to customers that your website is genuine and secure. It also means that when you provide your customers with a service or products that do not live up to general expectations, Google may opt to refund customers the amount that they paid for the service.

What Do You Need To Qualify For This Service?

Understandably, this service is not openly available for just anyone, after all, Google are putting their name and guarantee to the business, which would invalidate it unless there is solid evidence that the company is trustworthy. So, how does Google ensure this? In order to obtain this feature, Google will need to carry out a screening and qualification process. This process requires each employee to be screened so that Google can then make a decision as to whether you are a company that delivers on promises and therefore decide if you are eligible. What happens if you do not pass this stage? Google will inform you of the reasons for failure and you will be allowed to reapply once 30 days have passed, allowing time for improvements to be made.

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact price for this service in the UK has not yet been officially determined however, it is likely to be extremely similar to that of the USA and Canada. This would equate to around £50 a month, so £600 annually. This will provide your customers with approximately £2000 worth of cover from Google, meaning that they really don’t have anything to lose when they choose you as opposed to competitors without this.

How Does This Feature Benefit Business?

You may be unsure of whether this new Google My Business feature is a worthwhile investment, or whether it is just an unnecessary monthly outgoing. However, there are a number of factors that you should consider before making a concrete decision.

Ultimately, the small green badge along with “Google Guaranteed” is a simple way of instilling a sense of confidence in potential customers. This is done through essentially proving legitimacy, making the perceived risk of investment in your products or services, much lower. It is also a way of improving click-through rate. When browsing, pitching a business with this certification alongside a competitor who does not have this, automatically puts you at an advantage. The potential buyer will also be comforted with the knowledge that Google is able to offer compensation if they are not presented with a service that matches the online description.

All in all, the Google Guaranteed feature is likely to positively impact sales and the generation of business.

So, How Does It Work?

If once you are part of the Google Guaranteed monthly certification, one of your customers submits a claim, we will then get in touch with you, to find out more. This will give you the opportunity to make things right with your customer. Google will then be able to investigate if an appropriate resolution is not obtained. From this, they will then decide on an appropriate course of action, e.g. full refund or whether the service or product delivered was perfectly suitable.

Whilst it can not be promised that the Google Guarantee will instantly increase your credibility and dramatically increase sales. It is definitely a step in the right direction that can dramatically contribute to increasing the perceived legitimacy of companies, particularly smaller businesses who are trying to become established.

Here at Vooba, we are able to offer you additional information on this service and help you to achieve quality results through tailored digital marketing strategies.

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