Grow your Business With PPC Advertising!

By Kim Lee on Jan 1st, 2019

If you run a business, the likelihood is you spend much of your time wondering how you can market yourself more?

How can you bring more people to your website and get more orders coming in? There is one marketing solution which you may never have heard of, or not fully understand what it is - but have definitely seen almost every single day!

This solution is ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising, often referred to as ‘PPC’. PPC Advertising can be on a variety of different platforms and in this particular article we’re only going to be looking at Google advertising - however you can do paid advertising on a multitude of different platforms, including Bing, Facebook and other social media sites. You essentially do what is says on the tin, pay a small fee every time somebody clicks on your advert. This is a way of ‘buying’ views onto your website.

Introducing Google Ads

Google Ads provides smaller companies with the opportunity to compete with some of the bigger names as, with the pay per click/ppc advertising, you can compete for the same keywords. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, as you can completely alter your advertising campaign to be as little or as much as you like. Set your daily budgets, choose your bids for each keywords and target your chosen audience to reach exactly the right people.

Within your advertising campaign, you will have multiple Ad Campaigns. For example, Vooba could have two campaigns running - A West Sussex campaign to target our local area and a Uk campaign to reach a wider audience. This means immediately that the campaign is split into two, to target our two different markets and areas. This is then broken down further by the ‘Ad Groups’. Within Vooba, we could have different ad groups for our PPC, SEO, Social and Web Design categories. Within each of these individual groups we are then able to focus on different keywords and their variations - for example, in the ‘PPC’ group, we may focus on Keywords such as ‘PPC Agencies’. If you were then to Google this keyword searching for a company to work with, we will appear as a Google advert at the top of the page - whether we are the first result or not depends on a few factors such as bid amount set and quality score.

Ad Content Creation

Choosing the wording on your advert is important and can help you to target the correct audience. For example, imagine we are advertising for a company who sell bifold doors. If we had three advertisements, with the text as the following on each:

Advert 1: ‘Huge Sale On Bifold Doors’
Advert 2: ‘Bifold Doors - Get In Touch Today’
Advert 3: ‘Windows and Doors For Sale’

Which of these advertisements would be the most effective for somebody looking to purchase Bifold Doors? If you answer was the first advertisement, then you’re right. The ‘sale’ aspect will grasp the attention of the searcher, far quicker than a ‘windows and doors for sale’ advert would. The fact that there’s a possibility of discounts is going to help motivate you to take a look at this site before any other and as a result, can increase click through rate (CTR). As you can see from this example, you can tailor the advert itself to grab the attention of the audience. Did you know, that you can also choose the time of day you want to reach people? This is a fantastic option for those who have a smaller budget and don’t want to waste a second of the day on a click - for example, you could stop a campaign from running from 5pm until 7pm when people are commuting home from work and getting their dinner ready in the evenings as they’re unlikely to respond to your advert during these hours, whilst during the day or later on you may be more likely to get a response.

Your Quality Score

One of the biggest deciding factors of how suitable your adverts are for purpose is their ‘Quality Score’. The quality score of your advert is based upon its relevance (Including how relevant the page it goes to when you click the advert is… e.g. if you clicked on an advert about bifold doors and it took you to an irrelevant page about stable doors, this would be a completely irrelevant link and have a low quality score). The higher your quality score, the less you pay per click and the better overall position of your advert.

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