Importance Of Digital Marketing

By Kim Lee on March 27th, 2019

Consumer attention is shifting! It’s moving away from “traditional marketing methods”, such as television, radio and print. Focused instead on the internet and social media.

In years to come the attention of consumers will shift again to other forms of media (voice search, AI, etc.). It is therefore essential for businesses to stay on top of trends, to capitalise on the moving markets.

Our phones are the key to the market right now. During an ad break on the television are you watching the ads? When looking for a tradesperson do you dust of the yellow pages? Many people search on Google or social media for entertainment and the answers. In order to get the attention of the consumer, you need to show up where they are looking which is increasing the importance of digital marketing more and more everyday.

In a recent Government study, records show that 90% of the GB Population now have internet access at home. The proportion of adults over the age of 65 who use the internet has also trebled since 2006. It seems that everybody is getting to grips with utilising these new technologies showing advantages to digital marketing by getting your business seen and known.

Importance Of Digital Marketing
Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Embracing These Changes

Thanks to the increase in popularity of Technology, it’s now more important than ever for business owners to embrace these changes and utilise the digital platform available to them. But how important is digital marketing? Based on these figures, we would stress the answer is ‘very’. By investing in your Digital Marketing, you’ll be targeting a much wider audience than through other platforms including both print and television advertisements combined.

Engaging with your Digital Audience

Digital Marketing allows you to engage with a global audience in a way which is much more interactive and personal than other mainstream marketing methods. You’ll be able to swiftly respond to the questions your customers may have and allow them to gain more of an insight into the life of your business, which is great for brand loyalty.

Recent studies taken by Clutch show that the top channels for businesses to market themselves are Social Media (81%) and their own websites (78%).

How can you ensure you’re using Effective Digital Marketing Methods?

It’s not so simple as to put together a minimal website or post the occasional photo on a Facebook page. There are many different strategies which must be implemented to make the most of enhancing your digital presence. It’s vital to ensure that you’re investing your time wisely, carrying out all of the necessary research to make sure you’re targeting the right kind of audience for your products.

There are many professionals in the industry with a great understanding of how digital marketing works, passionate about delivering results for your business. Whether you’re a sole trader looking to boost your personal branding on Social Media and target more locals with your website or are a global corporation looking to reach a much larger audience, Digital Marketing done right is fantastic for your business.

There are multiple methods of digital marketing which are each great in their own ways. You’ll likely find that different platforms are better suited to your business than others and it’s important to carry out the necessary research or speak to a professional, before settling on just one strategy as it may not be the best for your business.

A Worthwhile Investment

The perks of Digital Marketing are many, but perhaps one of the most important is the ability to target a much more specific audience than you could with other traditional methods. It allows you to access a variety of detailed analytics to find out much more about your target audience and how they respond to your advertisements. You can opt to target only a certain age group, gender, location or only those with interests in other things which relate to your products or services. In contrast to this, if you were to simply post a print advertisement in the local paper then anyone who picks it up may see your advertisement, yet many of these may be people who are extremely unlikely to be looking for your particular product.

You’ll also be able to view in great detail just how people are responding to your promotions. Have they spent much time looking at your advertisement? Did they click on through to see more of your website or Social Media profile? Did they like, share or otherwise engage with this post? Did this particular advertisement of yours lead to many sales? Having access to in-depth analytics data is fantastic and offers you a guide to understanding your audience in a way which was never previously possible.

By investing in your digital marketing, you’ll see a much higher ROI than other traditional methods often deliver.

So, how important is Digital Marketing? Simply put, very.

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