How Often Should My Business Be Posting On Social Media?

By Zara Rowden on December 9th, 2021

How often should my business be posting on social media

How Often Should My Business Be Posting On Social Media?

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Social media can play a big part in the success of your business. With the rise of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, there’s an endless stream of ways to reach a wide audience. Whoever your target audience is, there’s a way to reach them successfully through engaging social media posts. From videos to competitions, different content can reach different people. How can you perfect your social media content to achieve its full potential? We’ve put together a guide on the best ways to maximise your social media engagement, with some top social tips to help you along the way.

How Often Should Businesses Post On Social Media?

It sounds simple but it’s a delicate balancing act when it comes to how often your business should be posting on social media, as it will vary from business to business. You don’t want to be posting too often. Spamming your audience will only make them disengage and can mean the algorithm shows your content less on users feeds. But you also don’t want to create posts for your social media so sparsely that they forget about you, either. Hitting the nail on the head with this one can be tricky. Posting at least three times a week on any platform tends to be a safe bet, but the best option will be to work alongside an experienced social media manager who can help you to come up with the most suitable schedule for your business.

When Should Businesses Post On Social Media?

Timing can be a tricky thing to master too. This is likely to vary based on each platform and the content you’re providing. We can now sit and scroll through social media at any time of day and see older posts throughout the day. On Twitter, your timeline has an ‘In case you missed it’ section, so there’s less urgency if you’re posting frequently enough throughout the day - a platform you’d potentially consider posting more on due to the lack of characters per tweet. Despite this, the chances are you’d like your audience to engage right away. Twitter’s demographic is ages 18-49, so most likely this age group are working full time. Social media runs 24/7 but according to various studies by different brands, they’re the most engaged around working hours. For example, during the commute at 8am or during lunch around 1pm. It will vary based on each platform and who your target audience is, but schedule your social media posts around these hours.

How Can I Monitor My Engagement?

Monitoring your engagement is a successful way to promote your business through social media. Most social media platforms have a tool to monitor engagement to help you see what’s working. Facebook itself uses Insights, an analytics tool for your business. You can log onto your Facebook Business Page and easily see your insights for your posts. You can see how each of your posts is performing and see how your engagement increases or decreases throughout the week. On Twitter, there is an activity dashboard that shows how people engage with your Tweets in real-time and get insight into who your audience really is. Insights are also available to business accounts on Instagram and other social media platforms too.

Consistency Is Key.

The best way to continuously reach an audience and promote your business through social media is to remain consistent in your content. Schedule posts in advance for your social media platform so that way you can know you are regularly producing content. Choose how consistently you’d like to produce this content based on the platform. The best thing to do is have a social media marketing plan in place and follow this where you can; cover who your target audience is, how often you plan to post and what content you want to create. Create social media posts with these goals in mind.

Keep An Eye On The Competition.

Take a look around at whatever is trending at the time and see whether it’s something your business can work with. Monitor your competitors. If they do something that has been a massive hit, use this as inspiration for your next move and monitor its engagement. Your competition will have the same, if not similar, target audience and will likely have similar goals to your business in mind.

Get Creative.

Think outside the box. To maximise the potential of your social media platforms, consider creating content for its extra features such as Instagram and Facebook Stories. On Instagram, competitions are a way to gain followers by requiring a follow for entry. Interacting with your audience can go a long way as it can make the experience feel more personal and your consumer is more likely to return for more. There’s now also Instagram Reels and TikTok becoming more popular. With video content on the rise, this is something you should consider. Creating engaging video content could reach an entirely new demographic and help you expand.

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