How To Utilise Your Facebook And Instagram ‘Shops’

By Shakira McLay Hodge on February 26th, 2021

Instagram and Facebook Refresh

Keeping pace with the change in shopping habits, Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have refreshed their e-commerce retail experience with cutting-edge, purpose-built infrastructure. Meet the latest Facebook and Instagram shops!

Driving Traffic

What is an Instagram and Facebook shop?

A Facebook Shop is a free-to-user, virtual shop front available to all companies and businesses selling online. It's easy to set up and will soon be available globally. Companies will be able to convert their existing Facebook Store and integrate their offer with existing platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

You'll be able to build a customised product catalogue with your cover images, accent colours, descriptions and product images, and save everything into user-friendly collections. Facebook Shops also feature messenger to allow you to communicate directly with your customers and in the future, customers will be able to buy via live chat.

Facebook Pay offers more security: customers can save their details and shop safely across Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger. Facebook takes a fee from each sale from businesses using this feature, currently available only in the US.

How to set up a Facebook Shop

Facebook shops will soon be available to anyone with a Facebook business account and will be very easy to set up.

  • Enter your details and connect your Shop to a new or existing Facebook page.
  • Add an existing product catalogue or create a fresh one. Set your delivery and return policies and payment options.
  • Select Inventory to add products with images, descriptions, prices and availability.
  • Divide your catalogue into collections for a more user-friendly experience.use "Manage your catalogue" to add or remove products.
  • View the shop to see how it appears: add accent colours or change the cover image to ensure that your shop catches the eye.

You'll be able to tag your products in Facebook ads and posts, and your customers' messages will appear in your Inbox. Facebook Insights also allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing content and sales strategies.

What is an Instagram Shop?

The Instagram shop offers an upgrade to stores already on Instagram Business. You can set up your Instagram shop via Commerce Manager on Facebook, although availability is still limited and requires approval.

Instagram Shop recommends products to users based on the shops they follow and their browsing history. Products are collated into the "Products for You" marketplace feature. Similarly to Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop features an optional secure checkout feature, currently only available in the US.

How to set up an Instagram Shop

To be eligible for an Instagram Shop, you must be in a country where the Shop is available and in a supported market sector. You must be selling physical products and comply with Instagram's terms and conditions. Your Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook page.

To set up your new Shop, follow the steps for setting up a Facebook Shop. The main difference is that your Shop will need to be approved by Instagram. You submit it via Settings in the app.

After your shop has been approved, you can feature your products in regular IG posts and Stories. Monitor the performance of your marketing content using either the Digivizer app or Instagram's Insights. These analytics will show which products are your star performers, so you can offer your customers more of what they're looking for.

Harness the power of Facebook and Instagram Shops with Vooba

There's no question that Facebook and Instagram shops are highly effective ways of increasing sales and growing your business. But setting up a shop and managing your social media content is time-consuming, and can be a distraction from your business's core - your products or services.

At Vooba, we offer social media solutions tailored to your business needs. Whatever your goals, we'll work with you to create a strategy that meets all your requirements. Our team of experts does the hard work for you and manages everything, so you have more time to focus on what's really important: your products or services.

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