How to Make the Most Out Of LinkedIn For Your Business

By Tony Humberstone on Nov 6th, 2022

Marketing your business online is crucial in 2022. As the biggest business network, LinkedIn provides an excellent platform to build your brand awareness and develop meaningful relationships with potential clients.

In this blog, we examine how to make the most out of LinkedIn, from posting engaging content to promoting your company ethos.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

Primarily, LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals looking to grow their network, and jobseekers searching for new opportunities. Marketing with LinkedIn can also be an efficient way to grow your business, targeting customers and connections alike.

The most effective way you can promote your business on LinkedIn is by providing useful advice and demonstrating your unique knowledge and expertise. Engaging in online conversations and posting regular content is key to ensuring potential clients can trust that you’re not only passionate about the service you provide, but that your business operates to a high standard.

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Business Page

The first step to marketing your company with LinkedIn is to set up a business page. In order to do this, you’ll need to already have a personal profile with a strength of “Intermediate” or “All-Star”. You must also have several connections, and a company website and name.

Step-By-Step Process:

  • Log into your personal account and click on the work icon
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and click ‘Create a Company Page’
  • Choose whether you would like to set up an account for a small, medium or large business
  • Complete your business profile. This will include your company name, size and website
  • Add the finishing touches by uploading a cover photo, writing a summary and adding your location

Now that you know how to create a LinkedIn business page, you can begin sharing regular content, tailored to the desires of your target market. This may seem daunting at first, particularly if you’re already strapped for time, however, you’ll be glad to know that, this content doesn’t need to be brand new.

Uploading regular blog posts to your site is an effective way to target new customers through informative, long-form content. Sharing those blog posts on LinkedIn can help to keep your page active, present your business as an expert in the field and engage in professional conversations.

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How Often Should a Business Post on LinkedIn?

How frequently you choose to post on LinkedIn will depend entirely on your workload capabilities. In order to make the most out of LinkedIn, we recommend uploading one to three times per week. If that doesn’t seem feasible to you right now, don’t panic. What matters most is that your content is both engaging and aimed at your chosen target market.

Posting a few times a month is also a viable option if your schedule is incredibly tight. Setting up a calendar reminder once every few weeks will enable you to create consistency, letting potential clients know that you’re serious about engaging with them.

The Benefits of LinkedIn For Business

Not only is LinkedIn a great platform for making business connections and marketing your services, but it also enables customers to get to know the faces behind your brand.

Marketing with LinkedIn is a great way to share your company ethos, as opposed to just your products and services.

How Can We Help You Promote Your Business On LinkedIn?

Our dedicated team of social media experts is passionate about creating detailed strategies that succeed in achieving your business goals. If marketing with LinkedIn sounds like a great idea but isn’t something you have the capacity to manage right now, we can help. With the ability to create long-lasting client relationships, we cannot ignore the power of LinkedIn.

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