The Power Of Social Media Campaigns

By Lauren Benham on December 6th, 2019

The Power Of Social Media Campaigns For Your Business

A social media campaign a cost-effective form of marketing that has the power to reach the people you need - your potential customers. The benefits of social media advertising include:

How Does Social Media Help Business
  • The power of social media allows you to connect with your target audience
  • It drives traffic to your website
  • Visits to the website are converted into sales
  • Social media promotes brand engagement

Increasing awareness of your brand doesn’t necessarily take much time: in a recent survey, over 90% of marketing managers said that spending just a few hours per week on their social media accounts led to a noticeable increase in the visibility of their products or services. Having a clear strategy for your campaign will let you map out which platforms are the most effective to post on: use a variety of different social media and use specific hashtags to label your content. Reward your followers with incentives such as discounts, contests, and free offers for tagging their friends and sharing your content.

Harness the power of social media for your marketing campaign

Successful marketing campaigns take time to develop but there are several easy steps anyone can follow to reap the benefits of social media advertising.

Define a clear goal

The benefits of a social media advertising campaign will not be fully realised unless you have a clear goal or goals in mind. Having defined your primary goal, you must next outline the metrics you will use to measure your success. Goals might be generating leads, raising brand awareness or driving sales. Use your metrics to identify the areas where you did well and where there is room to improve before you move on to your next campaign.

Engage with your customers via business social media

Social media platforms are an easy way to generate interest in your product or services, allowing you to communicate with your audience and vice versa with just a click of a button. Social customer relationship management (CRM) means using one or more social media platforms, technology and techniques to enable businesses to engage with their customers. A marketing campaign differs from everyday social media communication because of its targeted approach, focus, and measurability.

Supplement your marketing campaigns with other business social media platforms

Facebook ads, email campaigns and LinkedIn ads are an excellent way to increase your audience and attract new customers. It’s important to understand the rules of the platform you are using as there may be rules regarding running promotions and how winners are selected and contacted.

Create a specific social landing page

If the goal of your campaign is to drive traffic to part of your website, such as filling in a contact form, you want to make it easy for people to navigate straight to it. Rather than sending visitors to your home page, it’s best to create a dedicated landing page. Once you’ve acquired their details, follow up your new contacts and convert them into sales.

Reach out to influencers

Social media influencers are people with expertise in a particular sector who have acquired a large number of followers. Before starting your campaign, do your research. Identify the influencers who will best be able to communicate your campaign to their followers before developing a pitch that will persuade them that your product or service is of value to their followers.

Work with the professionals

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