The Benefits of Adding a Chatbot to Your Website

By Chrissie Josslin on September 8th, 2023

What are the benefits of using a chatbot on your website?

Are you considering adding a chatbot to your website? It might feel risky to replace human conversations with automated interactions, however, chatbots for websites aren’t meant to eliminate customer service. In fact, they’re actually designed to make the experience more meaningful.

In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about the benefits of chatbots for business, from how it works, to the steps you need to take to set it up, and how it can help lead generation.

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What Does a Chatbot Do?

A chatbot is a software program that is uniquely designed to interact with humans in a conversational manner. Customers viewing your website will see the bot positioned as a widget or button at the bottom of a webpage.

Once the page visitor clicks on the widget, the chatbot interface will appear, allowing the user to either type their message or select the most appropriate option from a dropdown menu. The chatbot will receive the user’s input, generate a response and send it back to the user.

Depending on your desired goals, the software may be integrated with various functionalities. For example, it could assist users in finding specific information, providing customer support, booking appointments or processing orders.

How Does a Chatbot Work?

A chatbot operates on a set of predefined rules, created by developers. The software follows a specific set of instructions in order to understand what it’s being asked and how to generate the most appropriate response. Chatbots work by:

1. Creating Rules - Developers will define rules that govern the chatbot’s behaviour. These are based on anticipated user questions and the corresponding responses.

2. Processing User Input - When a site visitor interacts with the chatbot by entering a message, the software will receive the input and begin processing it. This involves breaking the response down into individual words and phrases, removing punctuation and simplifying text.

3. Comparing the Input Against the Rules - The chatbot will then compare the processed user input against its set of predetermined rules. This can be completed using techniques like keyword matching and expression analysis.

4. Determining the Intent of the User’s Message - If a matching rule is discovered, the chatbot will determine the intent of the user’s message - this is defined as the purpose or action the user wishes to perform. The chatbot may also identify specific pieces of information in the user’s input, like dates, locations and names when generating its response.

5. Generating a Response - The response might be a predefined message associated with the rule, or a generated response using the extracted entities..

6. Sending the Response to the User - The generated response is sent back to the user in a timely manner.

Why Use a Chatbot On Your Website?

Whether we like it or not, technology is being used now more than ever to make just about everything in life that bit easier. As consumers, we want answers fast. Whether it’s sitting on hold with customer service for 10 minutes, or waiting 2-5 business days for an email response, traditional methods of online communication just don’t cut it in our modern world.

A chatbot on your website benefits everyone involved, whilst highlighting to customers that your business is willing to go above and beyond. Some of the most notable benefits of using a chatbot on your website include:

  • Provide 24/7 Support to Customers
    A chatbot can provide assistance to site visitors morning, noon and night, ensuring user queries are addressed and dealt with instantly.
  • Save Money
    Chatbots can take care of a large volume of enquiries, all at once. This reduces the need for humans to manage every single interaction, enabling them to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • Enhance User Engagement
    Able to provide recommendations and offer personalised promotions, chatbots can create an engaging and interactive environment.
  • Automate Routine Tasks
    Chatbots can automate a number of routine tasks, like appointment scheduling and order tracking. This reduces the level of manual effort required and streamlines the entire process, ensuring it remains efficient.
  • Stand Out From Your Competitors
    By using a modern, convenient and user-friendly chatbot on your website, you’re sure to stand out from your competitors. This can contribute to improved customer loyalty and the creation of a positive, respected brand image.

How Can a Chatbot Help Lead Generation?

With the ability to capture customer information and qualify potential leads, chatbots play a significant role in lead generation.

When a user visits your website, a chatbot can initiate conversation, greeting the individual and offering assistance. This encourages the user to remain on your site, knowing help is on hand if required.

The chatbot can also ask a series of qualifying questions to users in order to compile relevant information. This might include details like their name, email, phone number etc. Once data is collected, the chatbot can then initiate a lead nurturing process, delivering targeted messages. This involves providing personalised content or guiding through the sales funnel based on the user’s unique interests.

After successfully qualifying a lead, the bot can seamlessly notify the appropriate sales or marketing team, ensuring leads are efficiently handled.

The data provided by chatbots can give businesses valuable insight for lead generation strategies, content creation, service or product development and future marketing campaigns.

Enlist the Help of the ‘Voobot’

Offering 24/7 assistance to potential clients, the ‘Voobot’ can transform your business.

Having already contributed to the success of a number of brands across the globe, now is the perfect time to add your name to the growing list. We’re confident that you’ll love the ‘Voobot’ as much as we do, but, in case you’re feeling apprehensive about taking the plunge, we offer a ‘30 Day Money Back’ guarantee to alleviate any pressure.

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