The Benefits Of Repurposing Your Content.

By Kimberly Lee on 5th September 2021

How repurposing your content can benefit your business.

What is repurposing your content?

While at first glance repurposing your content may seem like an easy way of avoiding creating new content, it can in fact provide many benefits to your business. Not only can repurposing your old content enable you to add any fresh key details which will bring it up to date and ensure it’s still relevant today but, by finding ways to refresh this content and utilise it elsewhere, you will still be producing unique copy which will reach a larger target audience.

Benefits of repurposing your content.

Repurposing your content could enable you to reach a bigger portion of your target audience and allow you to reach out to them on various platforms. This can also expand the lifespan of your content. You can take work you have already written, dust it off and make changes or present it in new ways. Resulting in more relevant and up-to-date content, which could gain more traction to your digital platform or business.

Ways to repurpose your content.

The last thing you want to do is have your content feel repetitive. The point is to rehash your content in other ways. You could turn a blog into a social media post. You could expand a video into a podcast. Updating old blog posts or social media content can get both old and new views. There are many creative ways to do this. For content that is ongoing, creating an ebook is a viable option as this will add educational merit and you can use a different voice to expand on your content. Work can be interpreted differently or expanded upon when spoken as opposed to written.

What is the purpose of repurposing?

Amongst all of the benefits noted above, repurposing your content can improve your SEO. It can provide multiple opportunities to target keywords that could give your content more hits and offer your digital platform a hoist on search engines. This could also give you more credibility. If somebody is searching for information on a particular topic and your business comes up several times then they’re going to assume you know what you’re talking about, positioning you as trusted industry experts.

Driving Traffic

How to decide what content is worth repurposing.

One factor to take into consideration when deciding which pieces of content are worth repurposing is the concept of Evergreen Content. This comprises of two key elements; SEO focused content and the need for your copy to be continuously relevant. The first thing to do is look through your existing content and figure out which pieces of existing copy are timeless, to ensure that they stay relevant. Of course, if something is completely outdated, there may not be a way of making it relevant today. Content like this would not be Evergreen. It’s important for content to stay relevant or it’s just not going to be of interest, or may not be factually accurate anymore. Both of which are important qualities to maintain, keeping your content credible and interesting. The second element is ensuring that your chosen content will still drive SEO traffic. Again, this helps to keep the copy relevant. Keep track of previous posts that have gained positive reception as these are the best ones to repurpose.

You don’t need to rewrite everything from scratch.

One of the best things about repurposing your content is being able to adapt old content into new content. If you want to create a new video for your digital platform but the topic is something you’ve previously covered, this isn’t an issue. You are free to rehash old content but in a way that keeps it interesting, relevant and draws more eyes to your platform. You could reuse content from two years ago as long as the content can be relevant today.

Have you heard of the Marketing Rule of Seven?

Marketing’s Rule of Seven is as simple as it sounds. There will be 7 interactions with your business before a purchase takes place. This is where repurposing comes in. You can rehash the same message 7 times in different ways, which is more likely to result in a purchase. With the rise in popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok, there are far more opportunities available to present your content in different ways to reach a wider audience.

Do you need help with repurposing your content?

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