Why You Should Continue To Better Your Business During This Time

By Kimberly Lee on 24th March 2020

Continue to build your business during this challenging time.

We are currently living in a world which is rapidly changing day by day. There is a lot of uncertainty and many of us have questions which currently remain unanswered. Throughout the chaos, we are having to make vital yet significant adjustments to our normal routines in order to keep our communities safe. Whilst we isolate at home, avoiding social gatherings and closing the doors to business premises across the country, our reliance on the internet has grown rapidly. In fact, your digital presence is now more important than ever.

If ever there was a time to be working on your marketing campaigns, this is it. Online sales are soaring and websites are competing against one another fiercely for those top spots. Pubs and restaurants are altering their existing methods of working to offer take-away services. Gyms and personal trainers are taking things digitally to provide online training and home-workouts. Closing the doors of your physical premises does not mean that business has to stop and amending your existing strategy to get you through this difficult phase could be the key to your ongoing business success.

With that being said, this is just a period of time which will pass as long as everybody follows the guidelines which the Government have set out. In the hopefully not too distant future, we will be out on the other side of this. Pubs, shops and restaurants will reopen their doors. Families will flock to the seaside. Sporting events will take place once more. Perhaps most importantly, your business will blossom once more.

How can you better your business during this difficult period?

We now have an excellent opportunity to step back and reflect upon all of the work that we have been doing up until this point. How has your existing marketing strategy been working for you? Is your branding in need of a refresh? Could you be utilising other platforms such as social media to promote your business? Is your website ranking well against your competitors? Do you have a list of niggling issues with your website that you have been just desperate to fix, but have simply never found the opportunity to do so? Now is the time to turn your attention to bettering your business and getting all of these things done.

Take this opportunity to improve the foundations of your business and you will bask in the benefits once the world has returned to some kind of normality. Now is not the time to be giving up, but instead, you should use this opportunity to invest wisely in your own future.

What suggestions do we have for businesses?

There are so many things which businesses can still be doing to help to ensure their ongoing future success. We have compiled a list of ‘top tips’, to help businesses large and small to get through this difficult period:

Carry on with your SEO

SEO isn’t an overnight success and the high rankings you have been working for are still as important now as ever. By continuing to focus on optimising your website now, when the world does return to normality you’ll find yourself in an excellent position to get back on your feet whilst remaining ahead of your competitors. Of course, we understand that businesses must cut back on some costs at this point in time, which is why we are on hand to help. If you cannot continue your existing pack, why not consider a temporary downgrade? We also offer excellent SEO maintenance plans which will focus on ensuring the current success you have made is not lost, at an affordable rate. We’re flexible to your needs, so give us a call today to chat about how we can make sure that the success of your campaign is not compromised.

Keep building your brand awareness on Social Media

Although revenue may slow down or services may cease to operate for some time, building your brand is still critical. If you’re continuing to communicate with your audience by letting them know that you’re still operating - or keeping them well-informed if you are not - then when people do begin to get back to business they will remember you. Whether you’re reaching out with a regular newsletter to keep your name familiar within their inbox, or are perhaps continuing to post regular updates on social media, it’s important to keep your customers in the loop.

With that being said, many businesses are beginning to adapt their services and continue to work digitally, providing postal only services as e-commerce rises in popularity. In all of these circumstances, a well-functioning social media campaign could be the difference between a business which is booming and one which slips between the cracks of the fragile society we find ourselves in.

Give your business a refresh

Taking the time to reflect can often lead to us realising that certain aspects of our business perhaps are not helping us so much as hindering us. Is your website looking a little outdated? Perhaps it is not mobile-friendly or contains issues which are affecting your user journey on-site? Does your social media campaign currently target the right audience? Is your branding fully encompassing all you now do as a company? The world around us is constantly evolving and your business will be no exception to that rule. Why not take this opportunity to step back and review your current processes and come up with ways of improving your marketing strategies moving forwards.

Get in touch with us

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