Understanding Your Marketing Goals - What Are You Looking To Achieve?

By Shakira McLay Hodge on March 26th, 2021

Your Marketing Plan

In order to implement a marketing plan, it is vitally important to consider your goals beforehand. What are you hoping that your new marketing strategy will achieve?

Different digital marketing techniques will result in different outcomes, so it is important to have specific goals and a clear direction in mind. Once you have answered this question, you will be able to completely tailor your strategies to facilitate the outcomes you hope for.

Throughout the course of this blog, we will discuss how you can understand your marketing goals and work towards them.

Driving Traffic

How To Select Your Marketing Goals

So, the first step is selecting your marketing goals, how do you do this? We have collated a range of the most frequently used marketing objectives:

  • Promote New Products Or Services - If you are introducing new products or services, it is vitally important to include this in your marketing plans.
  • Grow Digital Presence - If you are yet to establish a strong online presence, this should be implemented into your marketing plans, this can be done through investing in SEO or PPC, both of which will significantly boost your online visibility.
  • Lead Generation - If one of your issues is that you don’t have a full pipeline, there are ways in which you can ensure that more leads are generated.
  • Target New Customers - If your business is currently working well for existing customers, you may wish to branch out further and target a wider group of people.
  • Retain Existing Customers - Rather than appealing to new audiences, you may wish to focus on retaining those who have already purchased from you.
  • Build Brand Awareness - If your business is fairly new and you are looking to expand your reach, this could be a priority when creating your strategy.
  • Increase Sales/Revenue - Your marketing goal may be to increase the number of products you sell or the number of people who invest in your services.

These are just some of the marketing objectives that you could have. Although you may want to, in an ideal world achieve all of these, it is vital to select two or three initially and build up from there gradually.

Setting KPIs For Each Marketing Objective

Once you have decided on your marketing goals, it is important to find out ways that you can measure them. This can be done with KPIs which stands for Key Performance Indicators.

These are measurable values that allow businesses to determine how well they are meeting their objectives.

What Makes A KPI Effective?

It is vitally important to not just adopt any industry recognised KPIs, as they may not effectively reflect your business. It is important to consider your KPIs as a form of communication. They tell you how well your campaign is working and whether your strategies are contributing to achieving your goals. It should be an interactive process, where team members within your company are able to act on the results that they depict.

How To Define A KPI

KPIs can often be confused with business metrics, however, it is important to make sure that you avoid doing this. They need to be defined in order to reflect core objectives. You should consider the following steps:

  • What is your desired outcome?
  • Why does this outcome matter?
  • How are you going to measure progress?
  • How can you influence the outcome?
  • Who is responsible for the business outcome?
  • How will you know you’ve achieved your outcome?
  • How often will you review progress towards the outcome?


The reviewing process is arguably one of the most important aspects, as it allows you to determine how well your campaign is working and whether you need to continue with your approach or completely adapt it.

Enlist In The Experts

If you feel at all overwhelmed by any of the points raised, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team here at Vooba. We can help you to not only understand your marketing goals but achieve them too.

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