Vooba and Plant Hire

Providing digital marketing strategies for construction equipment services

By Angie Lake on Mar 3rd, 2022

Is it time for a new website?

Vooba and Plant Hire: providing digital marketing strategies for construction equipment services.

At Vooba we love plant and tool hire! It’s probably not going to be the leading slogan of 2022. We’re not going to be seeing it on mugs and t-shirts.

Still, Vooba and plant hire go hand in hand. We stand at the forefront of our industry providing digital marketing services for construction equipment suppliers. We are currently a leading provider of SEO for plant hire companies as well as a market leader in the construction of plant hire websites.

We provide digital marketing services for companies from all areas of the construction equipment and services sector including scaffolding companies, skip hire companies, tool hire companies and several other areas of the access and plant hire industry. Our clients and our experience in this sector have been an integral part of shaping Vooba into what it is today.

Our accumulated experience in working within the construction and plant hire industry has put us in the niche position of being the UK’s leading specialist in digital marketing services for construction equipment and services companies.

What is it about plant hire…?

To say that plant hire sets our pulses racing is a bit of an overstatement, yet there is an enduring relationship between Vooba and the plant hire industry that seems to stand the test of time.

“I started working with plant and tool hire firms around fourteen years ago, mainly providing Google Ads management and it has grown from there, with Vooba now providing a comprehensive digital marketing service. We began working with Surrey Hire around ten years ago. The owner, Marc Prince, built the Abnix tool and plant hire platform to provide access, plant and tool hire companies with a template style website that lists all known tool, plant and access equipment and provides product specifications and manuals. The idea was to have a platform that each company could customise as they acquired more inventory without having to go to the expense of redesigning their websites as their inventory changed. Abnix provides a much cheaper solution and is much faster to set up than building a WordPress website from scratch. As our business developed and grew we realised that we could take this concept to new heights, fine-tuning it and updating it. We purchased the Abnix package and currently have some 80 customers using it. We have continued to develop the Abnix platform and it now has the facility to process online sales and training bookings if required. We are continually adapting it to incorporate the latest developments and add new exciting features.” Tony Humberstone, Vooba M.D.

Over the years Vooba has provided services for businesses with a range of different focuses within this industry.

Each business has a niche: from small excavators for residential projects to decorating tool hire; from PPE and safety equipment to gigantic high-reach scissor lifts. It is a huge sector, but each business is different - special. This is what Vooba aims to bring out.

Our team at Vooba realise that it’s imperative to understand our clients’ core business, to know who their current and prospective customers are and to design campaigns that target and drive the right kind of traffic.

“We started visiting the Executive Hire Show ten years ago and this has allowed us to build strong relationships within the industry. This is our edge. We are in contact day-in, day-out with really open people from all across the industry who are sharing up to date information on what’s going on in their world and how political decisions or economic changes are affecting them. This vast amount of feedback allows us to keep a finger on the pulse and adjust our campaigns and products to suit each customer.” TH

What does Vooba offer plant hire companies?

Vooba offers a range of services for businesses of all kinds and sizes. These services include website design, which can include company logo and branding services, pay-per-click marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, blog and content creation and much more.

One recently released service which is gaining traction is the Abnix website package. These are websites designed on the Abnix platform, which acts as a digital showroom.

“The real benefit of the Abnix plant hire website is that everything is already set up: the database includes every tool and bit of plant that is currently available, as well as all the relevant specifications and manuals. The backend allows our clients to log in and update the page with new inventory or to remove obsolete items and it’s a fully responsive site, meaning it performs well and looks good on mobile phones and tablets. Our team keeps the platform up to date and we’re continually adding new features. But what most clients love is that it’s a very inexpensive website option and we can have it up and running within a couple of weeks.”TH

With the advent of Covid and the ensuing restrictions, the Abnix plant hire website package has become a popular option for businesses that typically relied on walk-in trade or word-of-mouth referrals, allowing clients to showcase their product range and reach their customers without having to make the investment that a custom-built website would require.

“These websites have proven to be a lifeline to lots of businesses. They are much faster to set up than bespoke builds and we can compliment the service with blogs and Professional SEO services to give our clients a digital presence.” TH

What is the most in-demand plant hire digital marketing service?

All businesses are susceptible to trends, and digital marketing is no exception. Website design changes to adapt to different devices and consumer interaction and these factors affect other areas of digital marketing.

“A good, up to date website is a must. It tells your customers: We’re here and we’re open for business! But that aside, the areas that are working well and we’re getting a lot of demand for are S.E.O. for plant hire companies as well as blog content (particularly case studies) and Social Media posts. LinkedIn campaigns are trending at the moment and Facebook popularity also increased during the pandemic, when the country was confined at home and people started taking to social media for help and advice on carrying out DIY projects.” TH

What does 2022 hold for plant hire digital marketing?

With the British economy booming and the construction industry rushing to catch up with the demand from every sector, tool, plant and access hire companies are experiencing one of the busiest times many of them can remember, although it’s not all plain sailing.

The rising cost of energy and increasingly stringent legislation on machine particle emissions is piling on the pressure.

The upcoming ban on red diesel, due to come into force on April 1st 2022 has companies examining their strategies and we can expect a lot of changes throughout the year.

“We have experienced a lot of changes in the past couple of years. A lot of plant and tool hire companies that didn't have much of an online presence before are discovering the power of digital marketing. Google Ads have always been popular, they are a sure and effective way of driving local traffic straight to your business. But I think that a lot of companies discovered the power of social media during the pandemic months and we’re going to see a high demand for this type of marketing. With the country opening up again we’re going to see hire firms using Facebook to promote hire services for festivals and outdoor events and we’re also going to see an increase in networking via LinkedIn as businesses reach out to each other to provide services.” TH

With the current surge in construction projects, plant, access and tool hire services are in high demand. There has never been a better time for companies to step out onto the digital marketplace and consolidate their online presence.

Are you a plant hire company looking to improve your internet presence and reach more customers in 2022? Are you looking to grow your network and make sure that your products and updates reach your desired audience? If the answer is yes, speak to Vooba today.

We are the nation’s leading provider of digital marketing strategies for construction equipment services. We have a wealth of experience in the field and we work with in-depth industry knowledge to provide tailored solutions that will impact your business's bottom line. We adapt our solutions to your budget to bring your company the business you’re looking for.

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