Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Social Media Engagement

By Shakira McLay Hodge on January 14th, 2021

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Establish Your Online Presence

Businesses can establish a real online presence by ensuring high-quality social media engagement. Success within social media is so much more than how many followers you have. It is vitally important that those who are following your account are actually engaging with the content you post. So, how can you produce social media content that will engage your audience? We have put together a range of tips and tricks to help you.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Those who have actually engaged with your social media posts will have either liked, shared, or commented on the post, rather than simply scrolling past it. Although extremely simple, when a member of your target audience engages with your post or account, it demonstrates a level of interest. Those who actively engage are much more likely to develop a strong relationship with your brand. Ways of engaging include:

  • Shares or retweets
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Followers and audience growth
  • Click-throughs
  • Mentions (either tagged or untagged)
  • Using branded hashtags

Analyse Your Engagement

It is impossible to know what you are doing right or wrong without keeping track of the engagement you currently receive. There may be a number of posts that have gained a lot of attention whilst others haven’t so much. You can utilise social media analytics tools which will clearly depict rises and falls in engagement, or alternatively, you can analyse yourself. This can be done by looking through and noting down the number of followers you have and how this is changing over time, as well as whether you are receiving likes, comments, or shares, and which posts have proved to be most popular.

Select A Strategy

Each company and target audience will benefit from completely different strategies, that are reflective of the aims of the business, and what the audience is hoping to receive from the service. There is no one-fits-all solution, so it is vital to work out the best options for you. In order to put together a strategy, it is important to be aware of your goals. Whether you are hoping to educate, generate leads, receive feedback, or create a positive perception for your brand, it is important to keep the overall goal in mind when creating a strategy.

Know Your Audience

Different things will appeal to different audiences, so it is important to really gain insight into who your target audience is and what they will respond well to. Knowing your target audience will help you to establish a range of key factors including:

  • Which platforms to utilise
  • When to publish content
  • Which tone of voice to use
  • The type of content

Create Valuable Content

Although the end goal may ultimately be to secure a sale, merely posting your products all the time may not be enough to really spark your audience’s interest. Instead, you can create content that the reader will find valuable e.g. providing them with advice, new innovative ideas etc. Although this may seem counterproductive as it does not guarantee a sale, it can help readers to establish a relationship with your brand and provide an element of trust too, which can, in turn, lead to future sales.

Keep Response Times Speedy

If your audience is engaging with your posts and their engagement can be responded to, it is vital to ensure that you are replying fairly rapidly. Whether they require more information on certain aspects of your products or services or the specific post, or if they have questions to ask, it is important that you do not leave them hanging for a long period of time. Responding to your audience’s queries or general conversation in a timely fashion can dramatically boost customer satisfaction and therefore their opinions of your business.

Schedule Posts

Posting frequently will show your audience that you are not only there and available, but also will ensure that your content always remains fresh. It may be extremely difficult to stay on top of all of the different platforms you use and posts you wish to share on a regular basis. This can be resolved through scheduling posts. This feature allows you to create content and choose a specific date and time that it will appear on your timeline, without having to remember to physically go on to your accounts and make the posts live.

Utilise Social Media Experts

All of these factors may seem like a lot to consider and stay on top of. Luckily, here at Vooba, we are perfectly equipped with all of the tools, experience and expertise to help you with your social media strategy and boost your online presence and engagement. When you invest the time and effort into your social media channels, you are much more likely to receive the same back from your audience.

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