What do I need to design a powerful website?

By Zara Rowden on Jul 13th, 2022

Content is important for SEO

How your website helps to establish your brand

There are steps you can take when designing a website to ensure it meets its intended purpose. Your website should establish your brand, inform your audience and encourage its visitors to take action. If you’re building a website for your brand, you’ll need to establish a business strategy to drive relevant traffic to the site and keep that traffic interested. We’ve put together some things you can do to help design a powerful website that has your users in mind.

Target audience

One of the very first things you should know before building a website is your target audience. What could your audience possibly want or need from your website? You should establish the age, personality traits, income and education of the people that you are selling for. This will help you design a powerful website with those people in mind.

Knowing who you are targeting can help you write for them and sell to them. You would pitch to a target audience of 65 differently to a target audience of 25. Their personality traits, interests and disposable income could all be completely different. If you know who you are selling to, you can build a powerful website that will appeal to them effectively.

How you’re going to target your audience

Once you have identified your target audience, you’ll need to understand the best ways to reach them. This will help you stay connected with them. Target your audience by telling them why they should choose you instead of other competitors. This means staying up to date with trends in the industry and what your audience could be looking for, then doing everything you can to meet that.

Establishing your brand

Establishing branding can cover a variety of ways to establish your company’s identity. Branding is essentially what people associate with your business and it helps to set yourself apart from other competitors. It needs to be different, but still address your target audience. When thinking of particular brands, for example, McDonald’s, we all think of the golden arches as their logo. This is a good example of branding and one of the first visual associations with the business.

Establishing your branding can involve a number of things like your logo, colour scheme and general appearance of your brand. Your website should follow suit and remain consistent with your branding and target audience.

Colour scheme and appearance

Colour is an important factor when it comes to designing a website. When choosing colours, it’s not just about appearance and aesthetics. People associate different colours with different feelings and emotions. Green tends to be associated with the environment, nature, money and health.

Red, however, is more associated with energy, power and excitement. Doing research into whether particular colour schemes can appropriately represent your brand will help with the appearance of your website, making it appealing and memorable.


It has been proven through multiple studies that people look at the upper left side of a website first before moving on. This is the best place to put your logo. Place the logo on the upper left of each page on your site and then have it link back to the homepage. This makes every bit of information easily accessible for your visitors. Ensure that your logo is big enough so that it is easily recognisable.

When a visitor first arrives on your site, they will need a quick indication that it’s the right website for their needs. This is called a value proposition. You will need a short statement about your brand and what you do, near to the site's logo. This will explain to the visitor what the website is about and why they should keep visiting.

Consistency is key

Remaining consistent when building your brand with website design is important. Consistency helps people to remember things and you want them to remember your brand and keep coming back to it. Your website needs to project a uniform image with consistent colours and visuals that help draw the audience back to it.

Consistency can also make your brand appear more reputable. Rather than a website that appears to be a bit more 'all over the place', consistency helps to establish your brand and trust with the consumer.

Information needs to be presented clearly and be easy to scan, so that it appeals to both users and search engines. Your users are most likely going to be using mobile devices to find you. Make sure your website caters to the smaller screens and is mobile-friendly.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is an important factor when designing a powerful website. Making sure that your content is on-brand with the design and appropriate for your target audience can work very well in your favour. Depending on your target audience, you may need a more corporate tone of voice. If your brand is trying to appear approachable and down to earth, your tone would need to reflect this by being more informal.

Choosing a tone of voice to suit your brand’s character will keep your audience interested.

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