Why Is Email Marketing Important?

By Chrissie Joslin on April 26th, 2024

How to Stand Out In Your Client’s Inbox

Email marketing is an incredibly useful tool. Not only does it allow businesses to stay in touch with customers in a non-threatening way, it also enables them to share updates and newsletters without coming across overly sales-oriented.

If you’re unsure of how to run a successful email marketing campaign, we’re here to provide some valuable guidance. From crafting enticing subject lines to adopting a mobile-first approach, we can assist you in ensuring your marketing emails stand out in your client’s inbox.

What Is Email Marketing?

In short, email marketing refers to the use of email communications to achieve certain business goals. Emails can be a key tool in generating leads, enhancing existing customer relationships and acquiring new ones, creating brand awareness and rewarding customer loyalty.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

If you’re unconvinced that email marketing is still important in 2024, let us provide some insight.

Email marketing remains a crucial element in enhancing your business's overall marketing strategy, establishing a direct connection with your audience through their personal inbox. Proven as a reliable and effective business investment, it consistently produces outstanding results. Embracing email marketing is not just a recommendation; it's an imperative step towards maximising your marketing potential.

Furthermore, email marketing plays a pivotal role in contributing to your brand's success by.

  • Increasing customer engagement and retention
  • Encouraging your audience to take action
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to your website

How to Make Your Emails Stand Out

So, now that we know email marketing has the potential to add value to your business, how can you ensure that your emails stand out from the rest? .

Your customers' inboxes are inundated with marketing emails on a daily basis, so ensuring your messages don't get relegated to the trash is imperative.

Below, we’ve outlined our top 10 tips to elevate the impact of your marketing emails, ensuring they capture the attention of both existing and potential customers.

  1. Start With An Enticing Subject Line

    We’ve all been guilty of judging a book by its cover, and emails are no different. Keep your subject line brief, appealing and to the point. Some of the most effective ways you can do this is by posing a question or including a clever hook.

  2. Keep Them Engaged

    No one knows your customers better than you. Ensure the content in your emails is specific to their unique pain points, providing a clear, straightforward resolution.

    How to write a marketing email:

    • Use actionable language
    • Personalise your message
    • Prioritise clarity
    • Align your subject line with the email copy
    • Avoid using all caps
    • Create a sense of urgency
    • Avoid spammy trigger words
    • Write in second person POV
    • Keep it brief
    • Use a conversational tone
    • Use bullet points/numbered lists
  3. Personalise The Experience

    Consumers will be more likely to open an email that is personally addressed to them. Targeted emails are a simple, yet effective way to generate revenue and increase customer engagement.

  4. Use Testimonials

    To allow customers to better understand your business, be sure to include customer testimonials in your marketing emails. Acting as a signal of trust, consumers are more likely to convert if the business has established credibility.

  5. Optimise Your Emails For Mobile Devices

    Given that over 60% of emails are opened on mobile phones, it is imperative that your marketing emails are thoroughly optimised for all devices. If a customer clicks on your email and encounters difficulties in viewing the text or specific images, you risk losing a potential sale. Ensuring seamless compatibility across various devices is key to maximising your email marketing effectiveness.

  6. Determine The Purpose Of Your Communication

    Is the email aimed at promoting a product or service, updating customers on an upcoming sale, or delivering an industry update? Establishing a clear purpose for your email enables you to create focused, concise content that addresses specific pain points and offers effective solutions.

  7. Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Timing

    Subscribers will interact with your emails at various times, and it's worth noting that certain hours of the day may prove more effective than others. If you have the capacity to do so, consider experimenting with optimal send times. Conducting such tests can enhance the visibility of your emails, increasing the likelihood of them being seen.

  8. Include Visual Content

    In addition to writing compelling copy, creating eye-catching visuals can drive customer engagement and lead to higher conversion rates. Be sure to consider the effectiveness of your chosen colour palette, typography and overall design.

  9. Don’t Bombard Subscribers

    You want to maintain a positive relationship with subscribers, so be sure not to bombard their inboxes with a multitude of sales-focused emails. However, it's equally important to maintain a consistent email presence to uphold your brand's visibility. Striking a strategic balance between the two is paramount for effective communication.

  10. Test And Optimise

    The best way you can ensure your emails continuously stand out in a crowded inbox is by testing and optimising your emails based on data and feedback. Track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and bounce rates and experiment with different elements to determine what works best. Learn from your mistakes and make adjustments to improve your email marketing strategy.

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