Why Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

By Tony Humberstone on Jan 1st, 2019

As a company there is always the question of why outsource your digital marketing when you could do it in house or employ a marketing manager internally?

I always think it’s best to outsource to a professional agency as there are pit falls in both employing someone in house and trying to do it yourself.

With an internal marketing manager there is always the risk that they may leave, and you will then be starting from scratch with a new one who may have completely different ideas to the previous one, so you may end up with so many different strategies that you actually never achieve the goal which is to get more new customers. Also marketing managers can get bored easily working on one product so they tend to move around a lot. While an agency may lose and change staff, they are dedicated to providing a service for you and hence will always have someone to do the work. Agencies work together in partnership with you to achieve the goals that are set during the fact finding session.

Most agencies have varied clients with staff managing several campaigns. Unlike a marketing manager who works purely on one product.

You also don’t have any issues with employing an extra staff member which can always come with challenges like any business owner knows. Agencies don’t have sick days or holidays so this needs to be taken in to account

If you set, clear goals with your agency and they are transparent it is most definitely the best thing to do. If they are a good agency, they will have a clear pricing structure and also be able to say no to the wrong type of customer. If they feel you don’t have the correct budget or expectations, they should not take your business! Respect an agency that says no to your business as they are more than likely the best ones as they only want business they know they can deliver results.

Likewise, if you try and do your own PPC or SEO you can waste a lot of time and money. I have seen this on many occasions when MD’s try setting up a Google Ads account and spend days on this to find out they're wasting lots of money on irrelevant clicks. They could have done a big deal for their own business in this amount of time and had the job done properly and saved a lot of money on clicks if they had outsourced it. Very important things like setting up conversion tracking and google analytics are not the easiest thing to do but are vital to all SEO and PPC campaigns. If you don’t set this up how can you evaluate the success of your campaigns? The answer is you cannot, and we find that most self-built accounts have no conversion tracking setup and hence have no idea of their cost per lead or general effectiveness. If you can't measure it you can't manage it.

Yes, you can get some support from Google, but this can mean long calls and hence more time away from what your good at! You also only get 3 months support so why not get a good agency to take away all the pain and bring their experience & expertise to your marketing.

With SEO there are many pitfalls which can be made like using black hat backlinks which could mean a long-term poor ranking and hence a huge impact on the business and even failure of the company!

Let SEO experts set out a proper strategy with some goals to achieve. This way you can work with them to achieve agreed targets.

We could all change a wheel on our car, but we don’t as its quicker to get an expert to do it so why not let the experts sort out your digital marketing!

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