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A good product description explains what your product is and why it’s worth purchasing in a persuasive way, convincing your audience that this is the purchase they should be making. The sole purpose of a product description is to sell, by convincing prospective customers to purchase your products. Yet, many e-commerce websites seem to feature dull descriptions accompanying mediocre images which simply do not convince the audience that this is a website they should be purchasing from. In such a flooded marketplace, with thousands of online stores available, it’s vital to ensure that your products and business stand out from the crowd.

What makes a good product description?

One common mistake made by many is to write your product descriptions as just that; descriptions. They should be much more than that. They should entice your audience in and leave readers feeling compelled to purchase your products.

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Enticing Product Descriptions

The focus should be on selling your products to ‘real’ people, conveying emotion and reaching them on a personal level. Sell the lifestyle. You’re not just selling a sofa, for example, but are instead offering a comfortable suite of relaxation. You’re providing them with a solution to their problems, meeting their needs and offering them something that they maybe didn’t even realise they were longing for.

How can Vooba help?

Our team of experts are available to create unique and persuasive product descriptions, designed to encourage your audience to make a purchase on your website. We understand that a good product description is not a ‘one size fits all’ task and will take the time to ensure that all of the content we write is on brand, meeting the tone and voice of your business. We strive to create benefit-driven copy which will get to the heart of what your customers are really looking for. Our product description writing service will help to increase your engagement, improve rankings and help to secure more sales.

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