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PPC Services - What Does ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising involve?

Our expert PPC specialists are here to maximize your campaign's impact. With Vooba, you get full account management from dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you reach your target audience. Choose us for exceptional PPC campaign management.

Boost your business with our powerful pay-per-click management services, driving targeted traffic to your website. Through relevant paid search advertising, your ads will be displayed when specific search terms or keywords are entered into a search engine.

Pay-per-click advertising is an incredibly effective marketing method and our team of marketing experts are on hand to help you to get the most from your campaigns.

Why choose Vooba for Paid Search Services?

  • Full Account Management (Dedicated account managers)
  • Transparency & Clarity (no hidden margins)
  • Dedicated PPC Team (Qualified with Google)
  • Trusted Expertise (Over 10 years of experience in setups)
  • Reporting and Analytics (Clear simple reporting)
  • Competitive Service Pricing
  • A rolling PPC Contract
PPC Services
PPC Marketing Experts

PPC Advertising Services

Full PPC Campaign Management Services

Our team of pay-per-click marketing experts will craft a campaign tailored to meet your requirements, elevating the success of your business as they develop carefully considered advertising strategies. Guiding you through the set-up process, we will not only build your campaign but also continue to optimise and enhance it based on ongoing performance.

Dedicated PPC Team — When you choose Vooba as your pay-per-click advertising agency, you will gain access to the in-depth knowledge of our PPC experts, who each have spent many years honing their skills within the industry. Your dedicated account manager will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

Trusted Expertise — We are proud to announce that our PPC account managers are certified for both Google and Bing Ads for Search, Display, Shopping and Video campaign management.

Transparency and Clarity — We prioritise client involvement in PPC advertising campaigns by ensuring clear and timely communication of updates through your dedicated Account Manager

Competitive Service Pricing — Our PPC campaign management service fees provide exceptional value, surpassing expectations with our trained and certified account managers. We believe in fairness and transparency, which is why we offer complete visibility and fair fees tailored to your account's size and the necessary time our PPC specialists dedicate to managing it effectively.

Reporting and Analytics — We will track and report on the key metrics to show your return on investment. We will record your cost per lead and work hard to get it as low as possible. You will get a monthly or weekly report which your account manager will go through with you on a call. Our PPC services are incredibly thorough and highly effective.


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Within your PPC account we can set up all the Google AdWords products:

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We take the time to work closely with you to understand your business and marketing goals. It is important to us that this is a partnership and our goals are yours. We can create a paid search marketing plan that fits your budget and gets you the best results.

There are many different types of PPC advertising services, including search and display ads, remarketing, YouTube and Shopping campaigns. Depending on your business goals, we can advise the best network to advertise on and in which form to do so. Our expert team will provide you with everything you need to make well-informed decisions and ensure you receive the best marketing advice. If you are looking for Google ads management that works, don’t hesitate to consider Vooba.

To find out more about our PPC services, get in touch with our team today at 01798 667167.

PPC Marketing Experts

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With targeted campaigns, quick results and a great return on investment PPC is a fantastic marketing tool. If you would like our PPC management agency to help you fast forward your business, get in touch today Email [email protected] or Call 01798 667167 to see what we can do.

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