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Boost E-commerce Sales with Google Shopping

Google shopping accounts for 40% of the 1 trillion searches carried out on search engines per year. That’s hundreds of billions of searches that could possibly trigger shopping products.

Working with a Google Shopping agency like Vooba can help you to get those searches and also save your business up to 20% off your Google Shopping costs.

Here is how we work with you with your Google Shopping campaign from start to finish


Online Market & Competitor Analysis
User or Audience Analysis
Keyword Analysis


Competitive Google Shopping Campaigns
Content & Ad Creatives
Monthly Marketing Plan


Daily, Weekly & Monthly Campaign Strategy
Landing Pages Strategy
SEO Advice
Feed Management


Heat Mapping

How do we do Google Shopping campaigns?

  • Feed & Campaign Creation
  • Feed Approval
  • Feed & Campaign Optimisation
    • Continuous Optimization and Testing
    • Product Landing Page Reviews
    • Landing Page Recommendations
    • Device Optimisation
    • Results Driven Bid Management
    • Multi-Platform Monitoring
    • Use of High Quality Product Images
    • Regular and On-Going Keyword Optimisation
    • Product Layout and Presentation Recommendations
  • Feed Maintenance
    • Feed Quality Reviews
    • Feed Failure Notifications
  • Comprehensive Tracking / Analytics

Our experienced team of PPC strategists have the skills required to optimise your Google Shopping campaign in the best way, to maximise conversions.

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Google Shopping Campaigns

Here at Vooba we pride ourselves on offering clients effective Google Shopping solutions, crafting smart shopping campaigns which are tailored to suit each business. Google Shopping ads are a fantastic way of promoting e-commerce stores, enabling businesses to target relevant users who will be interested in their products.

Our experienced team of PPC specialists have the skills required to optimise your Google Shopping campaign in the best way, to maximise conversions.

Google Shopping Campaign Management

As an experienced Google Shopping agency, our team of experts will effectively manage your campaigns, setting up Google Shopping Ads and configuring the shopping feed to increase relevance and drive sales. They will segment your products into relevant categories and optimise your Google Shopping campaigns in the best way to suit your needs.

Google Shopping Insights & Reporting

We will track and report the success of your Google Shopping campaign, regularly monitoring how things are going and making any necessary adjustments to ensure that you are always receiving the best possible performance.

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