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Youtube is a platform that is increasingly growing in popularity, with over one billion unique visitors searching for content on there each month. In fact, it has become so popular that recent statistics show that over 100 hours of video content are uploaded every minute. With Youtube having become such a large part of many people’s lives, it only makes sense that businesses should utilise the services of a reliable Youtube marketing agency like ourselves.

What is Youtube TrueView?

Advertising through TrueView provides users with an excellent way of communicating with a wide audience, on a cost per view basis. There are two types of Youtube advertisement available: In-Stream and In-Display advertisements.

In-Stream Advertisements

In-Stream advertisements are those which occur either at the beginning of a video or halfway through, pausing play of the video itself. Businesses will be charged on a cost per view basis, although this will only be if viewers choose to watch over thirty seconds of the advertisement.

The option to ‘skip’ the advertisement appears after just five seconds, meaning that any users who are immediately disinterested can skip and you will not be charged. With average costs per view ranging from 3p - 10p, this platform is excellent for reaching out to a large audience. Speak to one of our Youtube advertising specialists today to find out more.

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In-Display Advertisements

These advertisements are the ones that appear next to the Youtube videos, or in the search results. Although these are also charged on a ‘cost per view’ basis, users must click on the advertisement to watch the video and there is no additional charge if they click through to your website. The average cost per click on these is a little higher, ranging from 10p-30p, however, they can often target more effectively and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Here at Vooba, our team are able to help put together a strategy that places these video adverts in the right places, tailored towards grasping the attention of your target audience to increase your brand awareness and achieve an excellent ROI. If you have any questions about Youtube advertising, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Could Youtube advertising be beneficial to your business? To discuss your needs in more detail and to receive a tailored quotation, give us a call today on 01798 667167 to speak to a member of our experienced team.

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