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Why is tracking and the setup of Analytics so important at Vooba?

If you are spending money on digital marketing it is vital you get quality easy to read reporting which shows you how your campaign is performing and how it can be improved. We have a dedicated Analytics specialist who will ensure all your goals are tracked and ensure you get a monthly/weekly report which is easy to read and digest.

Whether these are broken links, spammy backlinks, duplicate headings or any other technical issues, any of these things are likely to have a negative effect on your website’s performance.

What we do:

With our in-house Web Analyst, we will make sure to properly install advertising tracking pixels on your site for proper conversion tracking. This is to measure your users actions on your website after they effectively engage with your marketing efforts which will give us a more in depth measurement on whether we are reaching our goals.


Why is Conversion Tracking Important:

Measuring conversions ensures that account managers and ad networks know where an important action originated from. This helps determine the quality of the source. It also offers a better understanding of the campaign performance for future optimisation.

What we can do:

  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Ads Event Tracking
  • Bing Ads Conversion Tracking
  • LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking

And more...


We understand that most of the time the interface of these marketing platforms get a bit too overwhelming. We recognise that, and that is why we made sure that we build a custom report for our clients that is easy to read and understand with only the important metrics. This is alongside the optional weekly and monthly reporting done by your account manager.

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We Have the Tools for the Job

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