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SEO Migration

Have you got a new website being built already, or are you looking to invest in one in the near future? Have you taken a moment to consider the effects that a new website might have on your existing success?

We carry out ‘SEO Migrations’, which are designed to:

  • Minimise the loss of rankings.
  • Keep existing traffic visiting your site.
  • Ensure your ongoing success is not compromised.
  • Ensure your switch over to the new website goes smoothly.

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Invest In Your Future

An SEO migration is vital for any business, to ensure that all of the hard work and energy which has gone into building up the success of your existing website is not lost overnight due to your new website going live. Any reputable website design company should advise you on the effects of this and our team are always happy to discuss the implications of either having or not having an SEO migration with you.

How Is An SEO Migration Carried Out?

We complete a range of activities to transfer data from your existing website, over to the new one. From analysing the success of your existing website, to determine which areas are most likely to be lost or will have the greatest impact, through to completing a range of technical tasks which will assist with securing your existing rankings.

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