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You may have exceptional content on what appears to be a sleek and modern website, but if beneath the surface there are a wide range of technical flaws that hinder search engine performance, you will find that your SEO will suffer as a result.

Whether these are broken links, spammy backlinks, duplicate headings or any other technical issues, any of these things are likely to have a negative effect on your website’s performance.

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We can provide you with a free SEO report which will offer a clear overview of the current SEO performance of your website. This will offer you an excellent first peek into the performance of your website, so you can understand where any flaws may be and how these can be improved upon. Our team of technical SEO specialists are on hand to help discuss these findings with you.


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Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO is the foundation on which your website sits and improving this foundation can help you to realise the full potential of your site. Our team of Technical SEO experts will perform an audit on your website to identify the current performance of your site, based on key ranking factors, to provide information on any technical issues present.

Before any SEO campaign begins, this audit will be completed. It is an excellent way to see a detailed overview of the existing performance which will act as a guide when we come to putting together your initial six-month plan.

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