Consultancy Packs

Professional Social Media Help for a Fraction of The Cost

Social Media Content

Starter Pack
✓ 15 content prompts each month - so you know what to post and when
✓ Automated report

Ongoing Support
To offer you fresh eyes outside of your business and ensure you are keeping up with social media best practice

✓ Monthly content audit
✓ Review content performance
✓ Identifying top performing content based on your chosen KPI's
✓ Engagement Analysis & Optimisation
✓ Best times to post
✓ Hashtag Recommendations
✓ Plan for the month ahead
✓ 15 Content prompts
✓ Automated Report
✓ 2 Editable Artwork Templates

All of this consolidated in a 121 planning power hour

Set Up
✓Initial Strategy Session
✓Customer persona Identification
✓6 month strategy overview

Add ons
✓Additional artwork templates x 2

Social Media Ads

For companies who want to ensure they are maxing out of the opportunities social ads can bring.

Let us give you a helping hand with your social media ads. You will benefit from years of industry experience and save you lots of time and guess work

✓ Monthly Ad account Audit
✓ Performance Review
✓ Ad Account Structure
✓ Engagement Analysis & Optimisation
✓ Budget Strategy
✓ Audience Strategy
✓ A/B Test ideas
✓ Creative & Copy Recommendations

All of our findings delivered in a 121 strategy and optimising session

Add ons
✓Copy Creation 4Vs
✓Art Work Creation 4vs
✓Audience Creation

Set Up
✓Initial strategy session
✓Access to platforms

Social Media Content Course

✓ Objectives and Goals
✓ Your Audience
✓ Your Business
✓ Content best practice Overview

✓Content Planning
✓Ideas for now and the future - building systems

Content Creation
✓Copy Best Practice
✓Platforms - showing up in the right way in place you are

Next Level
✓User Generated Content
✓Analytics - Measuring Your Efforts

4x 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks
Q&A with a social media expert at the end of each session
Includes planning worksheets for all relevant sections

Social Media Marketing Experts


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