Case Study Deacon Jones Flooring

The Brief

Deacon Jones is renowned for its high-quality elegant flooring and customer service, Danny Deacon and Vinnie Jones give their customers contemporary and beautiful flooring options that will last a lifetime.

Deacon Jones contacted Vooba at first to build brand awareness and boost online sales through Social Media and PPC campaigns.

We carefully strategised ways in which we could enhance their online presence, enabling an increase in conversions. Using the power of social media platforms and paid ads, we were able to significantly drive traffic towards their website.

Using a combination of Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, Retargeting, Competitions and Cold Audience we were able to target potential customers and drive conversions. Our goal was to sell samples to begin the buyers journey then they would nurture the customer with an email campaign before converting them into a sale.

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Vooba services

Social Media

Increase of conversions by carefully selected strategies.

Pay Per Click

A well performing search campaign is generating great results for the client.

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The Result

Social Media

Using a number of carefully chosen strategies, we managed to increase conversions in the number of clients choosing samples and entering a competition to win much sought after X Factor tickets. Below are the stats we achieved during the campaign which ran from October 2019 to January 2020.

  • Impressions - 257,992
  • Reach - 122,271
  • Links clicked - 3923


Since we first created our PPC campaign in mid-July 2019, through to the 31st August 2019 there were a total of 103 conversions. During September of that year, our experienced team increased this by 82.5% to a total of 188 conversions. Using our skills and experience in PPC strategies, we were able to cut the cost per conversion by 55.79%, helping Deacon Jones to make significant savings and reap the rewards of the conversions. Our team analyse the campaign continuously and by doing so, it has enabled us to get double the conversions for less than half the cost.

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 Vooba increased our brand awareness rapidly by capturing the attention of our audiences through the creation of engaging Social Media and PPC campaigns. We noticed large increases in traffic to our website, and most importantly we were able to achieve greater conversions too. I would highly recommend Vooba if you are looking to get your company out there, and reach a wider audience.

Deacon Jones

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