Email Hosting Services


Email Hosting Services

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the professional appearance of an email address which aligns with your website’s domain? Or perhaps you have warily eyed a more generic email sent to you from a business you’ve dealt with? Custom email addresses which match your website address will provide you with a sought after level of authenticity.

Working Around Your Requirements

These emails will be able to work on your preferred email platform, whether this might be Outlook, Apple Mail or Gmail. This offers you the flexibility to communicate with your clients in a way which is both familiar and convenient.

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Security Is Paramount

When hosting emails with us, using the G-Suite platform, you can rest assured that your security is uncompromised. Fully encrypted, G-suite ensures that these secure email addresses will enable you to send and receive emails worry-free.

Collaboration and Communication

With multiple email addresses available and an excellent platform to work from, your entire team can each appreciate the benefits of having their own personal email account. This will not only allow quick and easy collaboration between the team but will also ensure that your customers can receive efficient communication from whomever they need to speak to.

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